Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Glenwood Arts Theater Opening at Red Bridge and Holmes

The old Red Bridge 4 movie theater, last open in 2006, has been bought and renovated by the Fine Arts Group, the same folks who run the Glenwood Theater at the Metcalf South mall. Movies will roll once again starting May 7th, with first run and artsy fare Ironman 2 and The Square. The concentration will be on having a high quality movie experience, and the owners have renovated the old theater to be comfortable. It was reported that many people have stopped by over the past months inquiring as to when it would be open. It's going to be nice to have a good theater in the neighborhood again!

You can visit the Fine Arts Group website for details on all four of their theaters.

Nice article from Robert Butler in the Kansas City Star. One of the most interesting points: The Glenwood at Metcalf South might have to close if the area is redeveloped. Who knows? We could be the next home for their wonderful sign.

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