Monday, May 31, 2010


image from KSHB

I hope everyone out there is just having a fabulouso Memorial Day holiday. You've taken time to remember those who made the ultimate sacrifice, you've had a chance to fellowship and break bread with friends and neighbors. Now, your day is winding down, and while many of you do have to go back to work tomorrow, it is the summer time and many work places have a different pace to them in the summer months.

Well, I made the mistake of looking in on the local news. I already knew from some scanner time earlier today that people were having definitely a bad driving day as there were several crashes around the metroplex. And there were a number of "disturbance" calls, but those are hard to judge, as they often come from third parties, and when cops arrive, the "disturbance" is no longer. And it seemed there were a number of people observed entering structures that did not belong to them. But what did I see when I gazed upon the home page of the KSHB news site?

Argument ends with deadly shooting
High speed chase ends with two arrests
Two people shot at KCMO gas station
Two men sought for robbery and beating

In addition, continued news of arrests on a double murder and a burglary/murder last week.

I know, I know, crime is a bad problem that will never be solved as long as there are people who want something for nothing, or enjoy hurting others, or have an addiction. However, it's just plain annoying to have such crap happening during a holiday, especially murder on a holiday that honors the loss of people who gave their lives to preserve our freedom and liberty. It's times like these that sometimes it feels like we can't handle the freedom and liberty that has been granted to us by a gracious God and preserved for us by the blood of people willing to fight for it.

Those of us willing to stand up and represent for a better way need to continue to do so. There are ways of resolving conflict that do not result in violence. There is a way to be able to earn the desires of your heart. There is hope and help for those enslaved by chemicals. We must continue to present the alternatives to everyone as options to the criminal way of life. For those unwilling/unable to make a commitment to living peaceably with others, well, they have to be caught and incarcerated by representatives of the rule of law.

It's just annoying that the creeps can't even take a holiday.


Ann T. said...

Dear The Observer,
I guess the nuts were out. Here the whole city seemed more or less abandoned, which leaves plenty of opportunity for mischief by those left behind.

Chicago had 33 shootings in 48 hours. Just horrifying.

Ann T.

the observer said...

Ann T:
Much of the time, the violence just leaves me sad, frustrated, angry and speechless. Also a little bit afraid. That's when I bend the knee and pray, for myself, my city and my country that we who care stand up against this madness.

The Observer

Bob G. said...


I think (in many cases) the police need to change tactics...maybe they should crop the "Community-Oriented" aspect in lieu of a more "PROBLEM-Oriented" stance.

You can't use things that, for whatever reason refuse to produce results, right?
That makes as much sense as trying to drive a nail with a rat-tail file...
(and that dog just ain't gonna hunt)

Time has come to stop "rewarding" the bad people by making their lives so dang comfortable.

Let's (maybe) reward all the LAW-ABIDING citizens instead...they are the real examples of quality lvies in this nation.

Very good post...(and I reallty love Grandpa's Packard)

Be well.

the observer said...

Thanks for checking it out. It's amazing all the reports that are coming out. That initial list even missed one from Monday--there was one more murder.

We've got to catch and punish these violent offenders--put their butts in jail! Get rid of soft judges and stupid prosecuters, police *everyone* all the time and demand that the small stuff--like your noise complaints--be enforced.

I would like to see a separate court for the drug addicts and alkies who REALLY WANT TO CHANGE and need someone with a carrot in one hand and BIG stick in the other to hold them accountable for their recoveries.

I would like to see codes enforcement with a similar carrot and stick outlook--but willing to work with those who are willing to do the work--not slapping needless fines and bills on the honestly poor, but rather, matching community and faith resources with poor folks struggling with codes issues to make the end goal to fix the house and leave someone living in it who cares about it. But for slumlords and irresponsible landlords, and real estate flippers, little or no mercy...

Just a small wish list...guess I got on a roll there!

Thanks for taking up the invite to look in! :-)

The Observer

PS: for the full story on the Packard:

Bob G. said...

Found this for 'ya to look at:

If you look closely, you can see aspects from other cars of the Chevy, Buick, Olds, Lincoln...subtle similarities.

Seems Packard (after buying Studebaker in '54) took the best from the other cars and made these beauties.
Trouble was...they did cost a bit more, and people wanted CHEAP.
(careful what 'ya ask for)

Packard pretty much did themselves in with nice styling, dual-tone paint jobs, "extras"...and NOT being part of the "BIG-THREE".

Darn shame - they were nice cars.