Friday, July 29, 2011

Friday Night and Still No Progress on Debt Ceiling

The debt ceiling action is just getting stupid at this point. It seems as if political reasons are driving most pols positions. Instead of thinking about the country's best interest, the politicians are trying to position themselves in ways that give them power advantages and will not hurt their reelection chances. Conversely, some representatives and senators, mainly Republican, are finding themselves being threatened with opposition from within their parties. Democrats seem to be trying to position the situation so that it is all dealt with and quiet in and around the 2012 election. Meantime, the stock market, which had been one of the steadier bits of our wobbly economy has been going down and all economic benchmarks are worse, if for no other reason that no one wants to do anything while the Congress effs around with the budget and debt ceiling.
I can also tell you that as a person who enjoys following current events and likes listening to news oriented talk radio that I am plum sick of this particular topic. It seems to suck all the air out of the room. Furthermore, until this is settled, we cannot say anything intelligent about any measures we might take to help our economy.
Time is short. August 2 is this coming Tuesday, a mere 3+ days away. Get to work you bums.

Meantime, the nice blob of rain on the radar west of KC looks to have fallen apart--no rain for you!


Bob G. said...

This debt gig is wearing REAL thin with mem, too.

Too much politicking and not enough SAVING.
Regular folks don't operate their households this way...seems gov't should follow OUR "lead", right?

Stay safe out there.

The Observer said...

Bob G:
Late last year I compared law making to sausage making.

If I were a sausage maker, I would be offended.

The crisis over the debt ceiling has been avoided BUT Washington still budgets on the basis of the previous year, Obama Care is still on, and Bush tax cuts are still due to lapse in 2013 without a replacement.

The Observer, trying to keep a reasonably optimistic outlook.