Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Feels Like Monday...

So how is everyone doing today? Still a little tired from the weekend's activities? Already sick of heavy humidity?

What does everyone think of the Casey Anthony verdict? I didn't follow the trial closely but I really could think of lots of reasonable doubt, based on the bits I did see and read. Perhaps the prosecution over reached? If I was that prosecutor, I would be considering my next career, because reelection is not going to happen.

Why did this trial get a lot of media attention? It is not as if murder is not something that frequently happens in the United States, nay, in the state of Florida and unfortunately, it is not uncommon that small children meet death due to some sort of accident or trauma. Witness the crash Monday morning or the recent drownings of kids in the KC area. It was just the right combination, it seemed of an attractive but unpleasant defendant, a cute victim, all just the right age and racial composition. Does the trial get this much attention if everything is the same, but defendant and victim are Black? If the defendant is physically unattractive? My guess is no. The general public, and by extension, the media, can be incredibly shallow at times.

The final number of shootings in KC seems to be 10, with no reported fatalities as yet. It wasn't quite as hot as the initial forecast--in fact the weather was down right pleasant at times. (Not today, as it is filthy humid out there right now.) A few fire works related injuries and fires, but nothing too harsh. The man in North KC who blew his hand off was another one of these nut jobs that was messing around trying to make a bigger bang. If you stick with the consumer fireworks, you can still have a lot of fun and with a few sensible precautions, be pretty safe.

The Royals have completely shown their true colors and truly are bad this year. They just don't have the talent, and talent wins ball games. Oh, some good bits are there--defense is way better than last year, the middle relief pitching has been good, and the hitting has been better. However (related to "but"--- you know, there just had to be a "but" if they are on a pace to lose 90+ games again.), the starting pitching is by and large horrible, the hitting is inconsistent, and mistakes are being made. Still, I think the team is more fun to follow than in previous years, and there is room, however small, for a pinch of optimism.

That's it from this front porch tonight--we had too much fun blowing stuff up last night and we're a little tired. And the cat is a little jumpy--my youngest, it's her first Forth of July, and she was a little wound up last night at the end of the festivities. Startled easily would be an understatement.


Bob G. said...

I know how hard it can be to get your cat down from OFF the ceiling when their claws are firmly attached to it...
Glad you had a good 4th.
As for the verdict?
(shakes head...typical)
As for the shootings?

The good news is that it was ONLY 10 shootings.
The BAD news is whoever is DOING the shooting can't hit a bull in the butt with a bass fiddle.

I'd much prefer if they kill one another outright and let the REST of us get on with our lives.

I'm such an old fart...lol

STay safe out there.

The Observer said...

Bob G:
A sad update: an 11 y/o girl died as a result of one of the shootings. Irony: she wasn't being aimed at--some moron forgot that what goes up has to come down, and she was struck by a random bullet. The comments in blogs and news stories (when permitted) are starting to run along those lines--with a racial tinge. It's so frequent (the violence) that people are losing the human angle.

The young cat is finally calming down--she is still young enough to be strung pretty tight, like a violin!

Have a great weekend!

The Observer