Saturday, June 5, 2010

Yes, I've Been Working on the Blog Roll

The blog roll is getting a little fluff and buff right now. Looking in on blogs and making sure that they are all still alive, arranging them and trial running some. I realized I'm awful fussy about what goes on the blog roll, maybe too fussy. I made sure that everyone I mentioned in the posts that accepted awards is now on the blog roll, and I'm trying to remember blogs I found along the way that I liked, but ya know, I was reading them on the BlackBerry and couldn't add them right away. I think there are more like that I haven't caught up with yet.

I hate it but I had to pull the KSHB NBC Action news weather blog off the roll. They revamped their site--if the blog has a feed they've done a really good job hiding it from me! I really miss being able to access it from the BB as well, which you can't any more. Hopefully, if we who follow the blog yell loud enough and long enough, they'll fix it.

So, welcome to all the new additions, and if YOU, dear reader, know of a blog you would recommend, just slip on down to the comment section and add the url.


Ann T. said...

Dear The Observer,
Dear me, I am afraid you don't have enough varied interests . . . .

April foool's!
I always enjoy going through other people's blogrolls, meeting the neighbors of neighbors as it were.

Have a great rest of the weekend,
Ann T.

the observer said...

Ann T:
In addition to cruising other folks' blogrolls, I have taken to clicking on profiles in comments. I have found some nifty sites that way too.

Yeah, the interests are varied. I like it that way!

Right now I have an outside WiFi source and a cool front just cruised through--windy--10 mph from the north, and dew points down. I'm enjoying being outside--but it is 2328 CDT. Should go home soon.

The Observer