Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Pedant In Me Says Get It Right!

I corrected yesterday's post title. It was not quite correct. The line is from Bill O'Reilly losing it big time while taping the end of his first national show, Inside Edition. I have enough academic training that when I quote something I one, want it to be correct, and two, I want the citation to be correct.

Here is the clip from You Tube. Warning: F bombs are dropped.


Bob G. said...

I found out I have ONE MORE thing in common w/ Bill...

We can BOTH go from ZERO to SWEAR in a heartbeat...and calm back down JUST as fast...LOL!

(must be an "east coast" trait...'ya think?)

Thought I was watching myself for a moment...!
(not nearly as tall, though...and never had any camera time)

Nice one.

Have a great weekend!

the observer said...

One of our local talk shows--Shanin and Parks on KMBZ--plays this sometimes on their show as an intro or a bump. It always brought a laugh. I thought it was from the movie Anchorman, but it turns out it's from REAL LIFE. LOL!

I too got the Irish, and can go from 0-60 in a minute. I try not to for two reasons: one, it can get you in BIG trouble and two, you could end up on You Tube.

Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

The Observer