Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Lewie's latest...

You all read this, the latest by Lewis Diuguid in the Sunday Kansas City Star--or on line?  I'll link to it, and you should read it, because it is a truly breathtaking piece.  Here is the link to "The very wealthy are driven by a silent addiction for more." 
What do you guys think?  I found it a racially and economically charged piece, designed to divide and induce guilt, that is what I think.
Words fail me. Maybe when I am not trying to hurry I can take this failure apart more thoroughly.


Bob G. said...

"Had to read this a few times to fully digest not only what was being said, but what was NOT being said.

I think that the majority of REAL wealthy people are NOT driven by an addiction to the dollar (itself) in that regard.

Success is it's OWN reward, so they say, and in that, I think a lot of the wealthy are driven by THAT and not "the wealth".
(does make it easier to be a collector of "nice stuff", though)

Granted, with ANYTHING, there are always those that will undergo some sort of "substance-abuse", and that can refer to MONEY as well as CHOCOLATE.

But I feel that those wealthy folks are such a SMALL minority, as opposed to those who abuse alcohol (and with THAT, perhaps there are more wealthy that chase after DEMON RUM than moeny).

That's just my 2 cents.

Good post and link.

Stay safe out there.

randy said...

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The Observer said...
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