Saturday, February 25, 2012

Why Write?

One day I had a very brief (thankfully) moment of self pity because no one had "liked"any of my posts in a closed Facebook group I am a part of. It stopped when I asked why I posted on the forum. I did not post to get applause, or likes--I posted hoping that my resource would provide some kind of uplift for the potential readers. It would educate them, or encourage them or remind them of an important truth. However, this entire train of thought got me thinking as to why any of us display our creations in a public forum. Why do we sing songs and play musical instruments in front of others? Why do we invite others to read our writing? Look at our drawings? View our photos? Do we sing, dance, write, paint, photograph for ourselves or for others?

I think the answer is truly the "Yes" we all joke about. We do create for ourselves--it is a wonderful feeling of accomplishment to cause something to come into being that wasn't there before. A work of art did not exist until the artist came along and created it--and it is unique to that artist--our visions are unique to our selves. Yet, there is something in us that wants to show it to others. Sometimes it is for altruistic reasons: we think it will add to the community new ideas and serve to build up everyone. Sometimes it is because we like to hear the praise of others. Sometimes we actually benefit materially from the fruits of our creative labors. Sometimes we do it because we like the challenge of our work going out into the world meeting the opinions of others.

Anyone who creates and puts their work out in public has to recognize all the motives, pure and not so pure, that stand behind the action of putting their creation out there before the world.


Bob G. said...

That's a great way of looking at all this "social-media" stuff.

I ONLY do blogging, and it's because (and my wife will tell you straight away)...I have WAY too much to say...LOL.

Actually, I just want to put out there things that I find good, bad, and sometimes ugly.

And maybe it's to get others to THINK...maybe it's so folks will say "See, I'm not the ONLY one that feels that way"...and sometimes, it's just because the state of affairs just P's me off to no small end.
What I put out there is for anyone and do with (or without) as THEY will.
I read others for THEIR thoughts, musings, and pictures (like car
I like variety when it comes to thought and wisdom.

And in the arena of opinion...the more, the merrier (and all that knowledge doesn't hurt, either)

Excellent post.

Stay safe out there.

chuck said...

Me personally, I like it when people hate me.

I got used to it over the years, and, now have come to accept it.

A little flak now and again keeps Johnny from being a dull boy, especially in Johnny's opinion.

That is what counts.

The Observer said...

I agree chuck, if you are not making the occasional person mad, your opinions are either not strong enough or not being stated strongly enough.

That being said, I always prefer discussion and debate over name calling. No need to hate someone because their views are not like yours.

Bob I always enjoy your take and it is amazing the commonality of the issues facing FW and KC.

Thanks for coming by, and yes, there is new content if you can stand some budget oriented stuff!

The Observer