Saturday, January 7, 2012

Under Inspired

The five of you who read this blog don't come here to read about how frustrated I get trying to write posts sometimes. But it has been especially hard of late. Partly because I have had trouble clearing time for internet fun and partly because the issues before us are so uninspiring.

Uninspiring is what I would call the Republican field for president. This deficient group has started the long primary voting season with the caucus in Iowa last week. Mitt Romney won that in a squeaker. The first three were Romney, Santorum and Paul. While there are aspects of each of these men that have some appeal, they each have potent defects as well. I keep looking at the Republican field and at Barack Obama and ask myself, "Really? Is this the best we got?"

Uninspiring is what I would call the leadership of Kansas City, Missouri, which seems more determined to make big splashes then solid workaday plans. It's more fun to challenge the state over the school district and make plans for buildings and trains then it is to work daily on the crime issue, patch the streets and keep water flowing to residents.

Uninspiring also is so many people who do not want to take responsibility for anything, whether it be a discreet action or a general decay. We look for someone to blame for our failures. This is natural, and a very easy trap to fall into. However, true change, the kind of change that really "takes" cannot start until we step up and tell ourselves the truth. That is the start of true reformation and revival, the start of true change.

And it is what we need now. These are special times, and they are going to need some new and special thinking.


Anonymous said...

I like your ideas but sad to say the people of KC-MO would rather piss and moan instead of getting up out of the arm chair from in front of the TV and do something.

Bob G. said...

If I didn't know better, I'd think Superdave was talking about FORT WAYNE...sounds SO similar.

We've too many smaller cities trying their damnedest to emulate the (declining) LARGER cities, and the larger ones can't (or choose not to) find solutions (or their butts with both hands).

The fact that you THINK about what to post says more than MANY in the lame-stream media...

Keep the faith.

Stay safe out there.