Thursday, January 19, 2012

Thinking of KC From Afar

Good afternoon/evening everyone. I hope you are all doing well today. The South Kansas City Observer is not in south KC but traveling, and has a moment of internet time with my own computer. I have been monitoring the news from afar and my, you all have been busy.

The good news is that the shooter in the incident at the Independence Center mall has been caught. I feel good that it was not someone out to rob, or someone who went to the mall just to shoot and kill people. On the other hand, how stupid is it to resolve such a petty incident with such violence. It is as if we have all become prisoners of the game of respect. It is silly and self centered. Memo to all: the world does not revolve around you. Second memo: remember, this too shall pass. Scary too to think how many people are indeed carrying a concealed weapon, and are not trained to do so. Be careful who you talk (back) to--sometimes it is better to swallow that snappy retort, as much as it pains to.

The proposed city budget has indeed ruffled feathers as any budget that proposes cuts inevitably does. We are starting to feel the impact more sharply of the economic decline now, and like so many cities, we have to save some money somewhere. It is now that the bill of not focusing on basics will come due. While I am dismayed over cuts to police (at a time when we are dealing with issues of crime) and wonder about cuts to fire (I know some things about EMS staffing--aspects of staffing the ambulances are not pretty) I am quite perturbed over cuts to repairing our sad streets and downright annoyed at the idea of water/sewer increases. Yet there is moneys going to sports and entertainment. If we want to avoid that 150% property tax increase that was kicked around a couple weeks ago, we are going to have to cut. Let's try to get this one right and cut as much fat as possible, saving muscle and bone.

I expect to be back to regular posting real soon. Check out the Facebook box: I sometimes do links and posts there that you might find interesting. A current question has to do with the influence of what the news media reports on our opinions and emotions about crime. Go over there and add your $0.02.


Bob G. said...

I hope your travels find you in good health AND spirits.

I thought "everyone" was telling us that CRIME was actually going DOWN?
I personally think we ought to check into that and find out the truth.
Maybe SOME NUMBERS have dropped, and some crimes have been reclassified to other categories, making them NOT a felony, but the level of VIOLENT crimes seems to be on the uptick.
Just appears that way, given all that we see and hear about, not only in our OWN cities, but all across the nation.

And it's certainly NOT a "gun issue"...
But it's definitely a PEOPLE issue.

Good post.
Stay safe out there
(wherever tyhe 4 winds find you)

The Observer said...

Thanks Bob--on my way back soon. I've gotten more chances to check in then I thought I would.

Respect is a silly thing to fight over.

The Observer, who thanks Bob and everyone for checking in.