Wednesday, November 9, 2011

You Can Not Make This Stuff Up

Is this world just falling apart? Some of the stuff that happens is just not conceivable--if you were a writer, the publishers would turn down your manuscript because it was too implausible.

Here's what I am talking about: the mayor of a midmajor American city has to take cover because someone is shooting a firearm near him. Little tent cities have popped up in US cities of all sizes all across the country--and all these little cities have city problems--when they are not having meetings. Meantime, during a debate a man who wants to be the president forgets one of the three departments he would abolish if elected. Another man who wants to be POTUS has had five women come forward accusing him of being sexually harassing towards them.
Meantime, we have earthquakes in places like Oklahoma that usually don't experience them. We have F5 tornadoes in bunches. Snow falls on October 31 and some are still without power over a week later. An earthquake and tsunami result in radioactive food and automobiles in Japan.
On the sports front we have seasons that may never happen (pro basketball) and seasons that started by a whisker (pro football). A storied coach at a university for over sixty years fails to follow up on a credible report of statutory sodomy by one of his assistants and is unceremoniously sacked at once.
Overseas, people rise up and remove long time dictators in three countries. Other countries tip towards bankruptcy as their governments fight to maintain rule. One country in Africa, Sudan, actually formally voted to split in half and form two countries where there had been just one.
Finally, would you imagine a family with 20 kids and none of them were adopted?

Like I said, you can't make this stuff up.


Bob G. said...

Sounds to me like we've got a WHOLE BUNCH OF MONDAYS in a row...
Or, it could be a test of sorts.

I know we're NOT going to be invaded by aliens...they're either TOO BUSY LAUGHING...OR, are too afraid to chance it.

Either way, it's up to US to make things least here in America.

Good post.

Have a great weekend.
(in keeping with the situation)
Stay safe out there.

Capt. Schmoe said...

Now if we could just get the Cubbies into the world series, then I would know that the world is really messed up!

The Observer said...

Now, Schmoe, if that happened, I would be looking for Jesus or the rapture or like that--because that would surely be the end of the world!

Thanks for stopping by.

The Observer