Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Car Spotting

Here is another round of interesting cars I've seen in my travels in the Kansas City metro. Believe it or not, I left some for next time!

In addition to being at least 40 years old, this extended cab Dodge has an interesting kludge.

This mid/late 1970s Dodge has a modification that may offend many purists...

This car almost needs its own post.

An AMC model--one way I can tell AMCs is the door handles--they are unique for the era.

And finally, a postal Jeep. How do I know that this CJ was used at one time by the U.S. Post Office?


Bob G. said...

That SLIDING DOOR on the old M38 gives it away...did it have opposite side steering, too?
(many did)
Nice rims...LOL

That Dodge Magnum didn't need to have the word DAYTONA on it's rear quarter panel. Aside from that, it looks "cherry".
Betcha that AMC gets better mileage thah most NEW cars.

I was missing the car photos.
Thanks for getting my long weekend off to a great start,.

Have a fantastic holiday.
Stay safe out there.

The Observer said...

Bob G:
It was indeed a right hand drive Jeep, which I saw first, rather than the door.

You didn't notice the "wing" on the Dodge, did you! What a hoot.

Thanks for coming by and commenting, and I always enjoy posting pictures.

The Observer

chuck said...

Luv the pics.


Muhammad Azeem said...
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The Observer said...


Spam will be ruthlessly deleted.

You all are getting mighty slick, sneaking past the letters. How many cents an hour do you get paid?

The South Kansas City Observer