Friday, November 2, 2012

Ballot Preview

It is a bit of the eleventh hour to be studying up on the election, but better late than never.  If you live in Missouri, particularly Kansas City, it is good to take time to read a sample of the ballot you will see in the polling place.  The place for all info election related is the website for the Kansas City Board of Elections.  There you will find all you need to prepare to vote November 6th.

Home page of the election board

Pdf of a sample ballot for November 6th.  A note: when you get the ballot on Tuesday, read the instructions.  It will be especially important to read instructions if you intend to vote a straight ticket of one party's candidates.  Even if you don't do this, take a quick scan of the top of the ballot.  That way you don't inadvertently invalidate your ballot.  For example, if an election reads vote for "one" or "no more then ____."  note that voting for more then the prescribed number of candidates will invalidate your vote for that office.  You can always vote for fewer.  You cannot vote for more.

The website can help you find your polling place too, if you've lost your notice to vote postcard.

Finally, do vote, if you are properly registered.  Vote only once, and vote in the polling place that serves the district/ward/area  you live in.  Do not vote where you do not live, and do not vote under someone else's name...

Keep it clean folks.


Bob G. said...

Here's hoping enough of America is awake behind the wheel, as it were.

Don't need another replay of the last four years, that's for sure.

Take care and stay safe out there.

Bob G. said...
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Bob G. said...

sorry for the dbl comment.