Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Long ago I decided my vote on any new tax proposals would be no. Nothing said by the new gang at City Hall has changed my mind.
No to mass transit.
No to any tax that is not designated as to where it will be spent.
I would vote for a sales tax to help with the water system if three things are a part of it: 1) the water company comes under professional management 2) it sunsets or has an expiration date. 3) there is a moratorium on rate increases greater then 10% for KCMO water customers.
I do not trust this group at City Hall with a new pot of money provided by Kansas City's taxpayers! The fact that Kansas City's leadership has lost so much of the trust of the people IS eventually going to hinder the progress of this town. Too many promises have been made; too many projects have wandered off track; too much money has been spent where results have not been productive or worse-- we don't know where the money went.
So, as I said, no new taxes, with the narrow exception I noted above.
City Hall, you should take note. And note this: I am not alone. We don't trust you any more. Regular citizens are pretty much convinced that the government does not work for them--in either sense.


Bob G. said...

Are you POSITIVE you don't live in FORT WAYNE?
SO much of what you have talked about here sounds SO damn familiar...those politicos must be "related".

I know I sometimes get beyond frustrated with the manner in which OUR city operates (or doesn't) and how they ALWAYS WANT FOR...and do less with it.

That doesn't make sense to me...at all.
Funny thing...I always labored under the impression that ALL these folks downtown WERE in fact, civil SERVANTS (and not the masters of the realm).

Excellent commentary.

Stay safe out there.

Anonymous said...

Awesome Post T.O.

bill kostar said...

At every level of government, credibility is the real coin of the realm. With it, srious leadership, and well-defined goals, the citzens or residents can be made aware of and comfortable with change and galvanized into action in support of doing what's necessary for a brighter future.
Without credibility, there reamins only the ability to administer, and change will soon overtake that community without much ability to shape it.
Behavior has consequences and the broken promises, high-handed treatment of residents, lack of interest in providing even the most basic of services like operating fire hydrants, shifts of funds AFTER tax increases have been passed successfully, and constant chsing after the next big shiny thing while ignoring maintenance and repair has taken a terrible toll of KCMO government over the decades.
That's why there's so little interest on the part of other jurisdictions in a bi-state tax that could and should fund regional amenities, why businesses move out of the city, why the population south of the river is decreasing, and how a city government that constantly talks about how tight the budget is, can easily come up with hundreds of thousands of dollars for streetcar studies and the All Star Game.
And until the attitude, culture, and behaviors at 12th and Oak change, things will only get worse.