Wednesday, April 25, 2012


I found this flyer on a table in a south Kansas City McDonald's...looks interesting...

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It is not just the Black community that can stand for its men to step up and take responsibility and show the way for the younger generations.  Our society has suffered for not having men be strong and involved in family and community--men for too long have allowed their attention to be diverted by work and leisure.  There is more to life then pleasuring oneself, material gain and pursuing the grail of "respect."  Life includes some deeper aspects that are important too.

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Bob G. said...

VERY well said.

I think men would do well to become MORE aware of a great MANY things,aside from golf, work, or drinking.
And that refers to the UPSTANDING men in the crowd.

The rest have a plethora of problems they've assigned to themselves, and many are too busy doing the DON'TS in life to get busy doing some of the DO' what it meanrs to be a RESPONSIBLE man who is personally accountable for himself and WILL "man up" when required to become more than he's settling for.

GOOD post.

Stay safe out there.