Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Where's the Reset Button?

I have been trying to figure out what to blog about these past few days, and as I noted on the Facebook, it is just epically depressing to look at the news these days. Crime and money problems for our city, an indifferent collection of potential opponents to the current occupant of the White House, more issues with divisions, racism, and uncivil discourse, class warfare, add your own to the list...
I keep thinking of how people in past ages have thought the world was completely unraveling before their eyes. We certainly have seen empires fall apart, political upheaval, technological revolution, and other sorts of change occur throughout the course of history. I think what makes these times at least seem different is that the changes are more rapid and are more known throughout all the world. There are rare corners of the world that move at the rates of the 18th, 19th or early 20th centuries any more. Even the rate of information flow that occurred in 1968 seems slow compared to our hyper communicating super fast world of today.
For that reason, it is hard to see if it is really "worse than it has ever been." I have Christian friends who are convinced that this is the end times and that Jesus is coming back any time. I always remind those people that Jesus was quite specific about predicting his return--mainly for people to avoid trying it.
There are moments when humanity shines--they occasionally even show up in the news--but it is usually small groups and individuals, not our ruling class. Our ruling class seems to be selfish, narcissistic, out for themselves, and not very bright; they rarely provide us bright spots in the news broadcast.
We need "Control-Alt-Delete"....


Anonymous said...

Amen brother. I wonder if the elites realize how bad they look. Completely unattractive.

Bob G. said...

When you're right (which is a lot more often than most folks)'re RIGHT!

Our "bright moments" are all too few and all too fleeting.
And yet, all this "nasty" keeps on rising around us like some backed up sewer.

Shouldn't be that way, and I think if our parents or even grandparents were still alive, they would agree.

What all of us have to focus on is the "diversions" that are always trying to keep our eyes OFF of the real problems affecting this nation.
No more more mirrors. Let's save THAT for the carnival funhouse.

Excllent post.

Stay safe out there.